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Frequently Asked Questions

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DO I HAVE TO PAY TAXES for shipping a balikbayan box?

The BOC published its latest guidelines on duty and tax-free balikbayan boxes here:  http://customs.gov.ph/boc-reiterates-guidelines-on-duty-and-tax-free-balikbayan-boxes-2/ 

How will I know if the seller delivered the correct item?

Upon delivery of the item to our warehouse, we will open and inspect the package, take a photo and send it to you via email for confirmation. If everything's ok, we will repack the item and place it in your balikbayan box. Otherwise, we will return the package upon your instructions.

Will you let me know if I still have space left for additional items in my box?

Absolutely! Every time we place an item inside your box, we will take a photo/video so you have an idea of how much more "padala" can you fit.

Are you responsible in shipping my Balikbayan Box to the Philippines?

No. But we will coordinate with a reputable door-to-door company to schedule box pick-up. We will keep you in the loop of the entire process.

Are there any "hidden costs"?

We will be transparent all throughout the process. Please make sure you take note of our products/service fees here.

How long does it take for my box to arrive?

As for any international shipping via sea cargo , it depends upon the season, weather and port conditions. For example, we anticipate port congestions during Christmas season hence your box will arrive longer than expected. The range upon which your box arrives will be from 60-90 days from the time it leaves the US. We will provide you a tracking number so you can track where your box is during this process.

I just need to choose the size of the box. Does the weight matter?

No. Weight of the box does not matter. As long as your stuff fits in the box, you’re good to go. This is because we’re sending your box through sea cargo and not via air.